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Everything about MHT-CET Mock Test

MHT-CET Mock Test is your perfect practice partner for MHT-CET online examination preparation. It will help you in every way to boost your performance and make you confident to crack MHT-CET Online Exam with flying colours. MHT-CET Mock Test assists you for online practice from Anywhere, Anytime.

Free Registration

Registration absolutely Free, plus get First 1 Mock Test Free.


All Tests according to New updated syllabus i.e. 80% from 12th & 20% from 11th Syllabus.


Sufficient number of MHT-CET Mock Test

Test Interface

Mock Test interface designed to match final Exam format

Analysis Report

Detailed Analysis report after every Test, Know in details status of every question with correct answering.

Time Management

Effective Time Management, Provides Question wise Time utilised details.


Quick Performance Review, History of all solved Tests with score and answers marked.

Comparative Ranking

Know where you are, Comparative ranking and score against toppers and others.

Know Everything About Us

We are 16+ year old in education world with variety of experience that includes but not limit to, conducting exams, prepare study material, provide various study platform. We have expert team with rich experience in Education world with special focus on science based competitive exams.

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